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Fiesta :D!
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 Atlantica... Come join us! xD

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Atlantica... Come join us! xD Empty
PostSubject: Atlantica... Come join us! xD   Atlantica... Come join us! xD Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 8:08 pm
We're on the Sikyon server... We got Genesis made here, unlike in Rohan... xP
Get in and put Daikuro, Higurashi, Jaheal, Hyacia, or Xalthier as your referral...
Whisper Jaheal, Daikuro, Higurashi, Xalthier, Hyacia, or GunslingerG to get invited to the guild. xD
Come play and you can watch me, Dai, and Hig kill each other. Very Happy

Atlantica... Come join us! xD Atlantica_20081109_215257523

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Atlantica... Come join us! xD
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